Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back in the Running and Blogging About it Saddle

So it's been awhile since I blogged about running. And, I took almost a month off from real running during the crazy Christmas season. In any case, I'm at the end of a 1/2 marathon training season- on March 8th I'll be running the Disney Princess 1/2 at WDW in Florida. Complete with pink running dress and blue princess skirt...and a tiara. Fun, huh? In any case, I have the Nike + stats for my last few long runs (minus my 8 miler that I ran sans music because my Nano was dead). I have one 10-11 miler left this weekend before the race. The only other half I've run I only got to 10 miles, so I think I should be fine. After the half, it will be back to triathlon training for me!

Oh, and the Nike+ has been a bit off recently...I think I need to recalibrate at some point.