Monday, January 25, 2010

Lazy Blogger, Too

So obviously, the Goofy Challenge is complete!  I finished, and finished strong, uninjured, and feeling good.

I don't feel like posting my own recap at this point in the game, so feel free to hop on over to my training partners' blog to read her race report!  We ran the whole thing together, so her race report is essentially mine, too!

Race Report

Thursday, January 7, 2010

T-2 Days and Counting...

Well...tomorrow is the day we hop on a plane and fly to sunny Disney World in Orlando, Florida!  Or not so sunny...cold-maybe-rainy Orlando, Florida.  That's right...after all of my looking forward to a 50s/60s temp for the marathon, Florida is experiencing on of its longest cold snaps in years.  The one year I've chosen to do the Goofy Challenge...

But, honestly, I am not that upset about the weather.  I'd prefer cold to 80 degrees, which they had 3 years ago.  We've trained in snow, sleet, rain, 20s, 30s, 40s...I'm probably ready for anything!

My training recently though, has been a bit lacking due to the severe weather we've had here in Maryland.  I missed my last 22 mile run due to the 2 foot blizzard, so my taper was actually 5 weeks instead of 3.  I had a bit of a head cold/allergy issue and missed the 12 miles the next week.  I made up for it by running 6,5, and 5 respectively last week...but then a wind chill of 0 and 30 mph gusts on Sunday kept me inside and I missed 9 miles.  This week has been busy, and I'm just hoping to get out for 3 before I begin packing.  So, if training hard and then resting really well means a good race...I should be fabulous!  I think it will all be ok, though.

Wish me luck!  Race reports to come when I return from the Land of Mickey!