Thursday, November 12, 2009

Weekly Update...

Last week/weekend was a busy one in my regular life, so I had to squeeze my runs in where I could!  Last Tuesday, I ran 4.5 miles with the 10K class around the community college.  I really hate that loop, but since it's well lit after dark, it's where the class always meets.  I'll be glad when we can figure out somewhere else to have our evening runs in the winter!  It was a slow 4.5 miles, with a couple of stops here and there.

Saturday, we were scheduled to run a 5 mile race through Downs Park in Pasdena (MD, not CA).  It's quite a lovely park, right on the Bay.  We had 9 miles on the schedule, so we ran 2 before the race to warm up (which was was below freezing!), 5 during the race, and 2 afterwards.  I ran the race faster than I wanted since this was supposed to be a training run.  I actually averaged 11:00 minute miles for the 5 during the race.  Oops.  It didn't really bother me on Saturday...

...but Sunday's run was tough.  We had 12 miles scheduled, which didn't seem very difficult considering we ran 17 the Sunday before.  However, I think my legs were feeling the faster 5 from Saturday, because I started getting pretty tired around 8 miles.  I also didn't fuel up properly for the run...Junior Mints and champagne at the opera the night before just won't cut it!  We persevered, though.  Our route took us to Thomas Point and back, and then through the Hillsmere Shores neighborhood in Annapolis.  It was a pretty run with no rain (finally!), but I just wasn't into it.

I think my lessons learned from this training week are to eat properly the night before the run, and that I will need to hold myself back in the 1/2 marathon leg of the Goofy.  When you're trained up to 20 something miles it seems easy to run some of them faster, but I will pay for it the next day.  Which is what I'm desperately trying to avoid for Goofy since I'll be running a marathon the next day!

Today, I squeezed in 3.25 on the treadmill at lunch because it's a concert week, so no other time to run.  Saturday, we've got 9 on the schedule.  The 10K class is previewing the Cold Turkey 10K course, so we'll run the first 6 miles with them, and then finish up with 3 on our own.  Sunday, our rain-postponed DC monument tour is back on tap.  Except, this time it is 19 miles.  The weather looks as if it will hold out for 60s and sunny.  I'll take it!  Look for a full report here sometime next week.

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